High-risk celebrities by hackers

In recent weeks, Sunday lunch while discussing my recent publication in Sarah Palins E Hack, a friend asked me how vulnerable celebrities should be hacked. It is quite concurrent that a few hours later, the race of the Francian president’s face book, Nicholas Sarkozy was also badly injured and published with the “dear Españols, given the extraordinary circumstances that our country experienced, I decided to My spirit and conscience of not running for the office at the end of my assignment in 2012 “.

It was not the first attempt by a successful robbery against France’s president. In 2008, President Sarkozy had a complaint before the police after retreating retreats of “small amounts of money” from his Parisian personal bank account. It is relieved that the money was used to establish cell phones membership fees. Interestingly, the president was a victim of a mass of phishing attack, presumably a false email left a fraudulent bank site where he also entered his bank account and password, and not specifically addressed.

The celebrities in the world are specifically Masako Katsura directed because of their state, wealth and fanaticism of a fan division. In addition to the compromised e-mail, Twitter, the book accounts are vulnerable to the quality of the Cybercit (where your domain name is taken by another individual) and the malicious accessories in the fan. In some cases, Celebrity accounts have been hacked by social networking backlight systems. Celebrities Life is open books with a significant amount of details on personal life and sexual preferences.

This detail facilitates that a guessing pirate passwords guess, answer secret questions or send a malware of theft of credentials. When a well-known account is hacked, the typical reward for the return of the site to the original owner includes a demand for money, gender or naked images. Recommendation for celebrities. Celebrities who use social networks such as Twitter and Facebook to communicate with supporters rent in many cases media companies to manage these accounts. It is important to ensure that the media companies using equipment with access to the well-known account and personal data, protect their confidentiality by using best security practices. For familiar people who administer their own social networks, it is important to recognize the greatest risk and ensure that passwords used for online accounts are strong (definitely not the name of your pet dog as a response to your secret question) And to follow principles insurance when loading the internet content or attachments into the fan’s email. I would recommend using a dedicated desktop exclusively to update social networking sites and download another for Fan Mail and online.